J.L. Matthews


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We sat down and interviewed New York native J.L. Matthews, who is an upcoming hip hop artist living his dream. We discuss his song Long Shot off of his album “P.O.N.R.” which is now available on all streaming platforms. We also asked J.L. himself, how he felt about his second Album release dropping after his first debut album “EIGHT” in 2018 with hit single “If You Could Make It Here”

Hi J.L. how are you doing? Where are you from?

J.L. Matthews: I'm good, I'm good. Just on the grind as usual. I'm from the Bronx, NY.

Who or what inspired you to become a hip hop artist?

J.L. Matthews: I've always been drawn to Hip Hop. There has always been a connection... It's almost like it wasn’t even a choice for me, it had to be.

That’s amazing! So tell me about your single Long Shot off of your album “P.O.N.R.”.

J.L. Matthews: “Long Shot” is for anyone who has ever been counted out but made them all believers when it was all said and done! I chose it as a single because it’s relatable and has that radio vibe to it.

I really love the lyrics, one lyric was “Let me borrow your ears as I recite my scripture” what were you thinking about when you wrote that?

J.L. Matthews: Well...as strange as it sounds, I actually don’t write. I think these lyrics up carefully and very strategically. The lyric you’re referring to is from a song called “Speak The Word” and I’m connected to it on a whole different level. The man you hear preaching on that song, is actually my grandfather. He was a preacher and he meant the world to me. I lost him. Thus the thought process behind the line you’re referring to.

How much thought did you put in this second album?

J.L. Matthews: A ton. Every move I make and every word I say is very calculated. Every body of work I release serves a purpose. “No half steppin’”

Where can we find your music?

J.L. Matthews: Currently available on all streaming platforms.

What would you say is the best track on your new album?

J.L. Matthews: Tough to decide but if I had to choose one, I’d say “Speak The Word”. As I said before, I’m connected to it on a different level and from the praise its gotten it seems the listeners feel the same.


Last year you released Eight” from the sound of the 1st track in P.O.N.R it seems it was a success. Would you agree? And why?

J.L. Matthews: People really appreciated “Eight”. The idea was to get my name and story out there so people could become aware that I’m coming. From that standpoint, I’d have to say the mission was accomplished.

Okay! What is next for “J.L. Mathhews”?

J.L. Matthews: More music & shows. This is just the start to something great.

Where can we find you? Facebook, Instagram, etc?

J.L. Matthews: Instagram would be the best place to catch me @JLMatthews4ever

Thank you! So before we end this interview are there any last words you would like to say or any shout outs?

J.L. Matthews: I’d just like to shoutout anyone who has genuinely supported me thus far. I also have to give a shoutout to GF and the team MASF Entertainment. We’re just getting started. Of course I have to thank you and the Parasite staff/team for having me.