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Can is tell us who is NACRE Voyage? What was the inspiration behind creating NACRE?

- From a young age our dream was to work together and create something that we would both be passionate about. Of course we were inspired by the swimwear industry because it reflected one of our passion, the Sea. But we also felt as customers ourselves a desire where women should have everything they need when going on vacation for example. Always staying chic, sophisticated, elegant but also carefree throughout the day, no matter the occasion. 

Can you describe the process of designing a Collection, and what is it like?

- The process of designing a collection comes very naturally where we are inspired by something we see in the streets, a photograph or a movie for example. Sometimes a small detail or a color speaks to us and the process starts unconsciously in a way. But the process is something that last until the very finish garment.

It’s along the way that the magic really happens and where a simple idea becomes reality.

 Speaking not just as a designer; but as a woman which would you prefer most, Heels or flats?

- As women, both heels and flats are equal. We think that the most important thing is to dress appropriately for each occasion. Unfortunately, this notion is sometimes forgotten and elegance becomes secondary, somehow. 

 Do you prefer a day-time design or night-time design? Or both? And which design would be best for a casual or elegance occasion?

- Day-time and nigh-time are two very different approach. Both are nice but it’s true that a night-time design offers more tools, materials, etc for a woman to feel glamourous. But if you can give a woman the same feeling of being as stunning during day-time, we think that this, is pretty amazing.     

 Tell us about you most recent collection? and why you chosen such a unique style of taste.

- It all started with the prints. Where their pure, confident, soft and feminine look attracted us. Therefore, an overall look with the inspiration of the glamorous 60’s chic and sophistication with a modern kick.

 some things are hard no matter what domain you are in, but it is also very exciting. It is hard when you compare yourself to others but energizing when you visualize all the possibilities and embrace it as a journey.   

 Favorite collection of all thus far?

- All three of our collections this year are equal in our eyes, we see it as a whole.

 I noticed in your about it states NACRE Voyage, is not about fashion or trend, but about style. Can you give us a sum on what that quote means? And how’d you come up with it?

- Fashion and trend comes and go. Nothing lasts forever except elegance and grace. 

 What made you chose to become an amazing fashion designer that you are today

- We followed our intuitions, interests and passion

 Describe your collection look for me in 3 words.

- Chic, Confident, Carefree

 What should we expect this year from NACRE Voyage?

- This year the collection will be larger, offering more silhouettes and options. Also we would like to push the femininity and sophistication much further. One thing for sure, we are very excited on what’s to come.

 As we know; fashion lovers haven’t had stylish look until it came from NACRE Voyage. Where can our readers get your very well designed and creatively crafted designs from? And which design from your collection would they want to grab quick while it’s a hot topic.

- The easiest way is to shop on our online store (

As for which design, I think every woman should get what speaks to them and where they feel beautiful and powerful. That is our ultimate goal.

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