Designer Melanie Georgacopoulos


Melanie and the Pearl.


Melanie Georgacopoulos is the pearl goddess in the jewelry and fashion world. Melanie began her love for jewelry when she was a little girl. Melanie’s love for jewelry carried on and progressed into Melanie taking up sculpture while being a freelance designer, Melanie then earned her masters at the Royal College of Art.

 Melanie has made the pearl an integral part of every piece she creates, the pearl is the core of her art. Melanie has an amazing and rare creative gift, she can take a seemingly traditional pearl and create an exquisite and modern piece. Melanie and her gorgeous jewelry are regulars in Paris fashion week, Vegas Couture and Goldsmiths Fair in London.

 In 2013 Melanie revealed an exclusive collaboration with M / G Tasaki, the fine Japanese jewelry company. Melanie’s creative flair and M / G Tasaki world renowned craftsmanship is the perfect partnership.

 The elegant yet modern designs that Melanie creates is truly one of a kind. This designer has truly earned her spot in the couture jewelry world.

 I had the honor to interview Melanie, her answers made me fall even more in love with her and the beloved pearl.

 As Melanie would say ‘'I always aim to challenge myself to produce interesting innovative designs that will become true classics''. These words cannot be any truer… challenge yourself to do your best.

How did you get started in jewelry? And why did jewelry inspire you to create your line.

 Melanie: I grew up in a very supportive and creative environment where my brother and I were always encouraged to explore different ways of expression. I remember I was always busy playing and building stuff out of nothing, for example once we had a broken computer and I discovered all those beautiful computer chips and started making things with them; eventually I wanted to find a use for those things so I decided that it was a good idea to wear them. That's how I first got interested in jewelry and have been hooked ever since.  After a BA in Sculpture and a Masters in Jewelry at the Royal College of Art, I graduated in 2007 and worked as a freelance jewelry designer whilst developing my own pieces. I had developed a collection of deconstructed pearl necklaces for my Final Year show at the RCA and I had such good feedback and response which gave me the confidence to carry on in that direction. By 2010 I was getting more and more noticed, my pieces were in Dover Street Market and it was then that I decided to focus solely on my collections and launch my brand. At the time there was a huge gap in the market for contemporary pearl jewelry, no one was really working with them in an interesting way so it was a great challenge and opportunity for me to explore that

What inspiration do you use to get your creative juices flowing?              

 Melanie: Inspiration always comes when I am most relaxed, whether I am on a plane or I watch a movie, attend a fashion show or flick through books and magazines in a bookshop. 

 How do you promote your brand? For example, do you use Social Media, and if so what media outlets?

 Melanie We use mainly Instagram, as it is a great way to connect directly with people worldwide and we also send out lookbooks every season to selected press to introduce them to our new collections. 

What is your next big project for your jewelry collection?

 Melanie: I have just completed a very interesting experimental piece for the Thomas Erber Cabinet of Curiosites in November in Paris. It is a show which unites creatives from all over the world who are asked to make a unique or limited edition piece for Thomas. For me it was a reason to test new ideas and challenge myself so I made a large necklace out of golden and white shell backed with silver that knots around the neck.

Where is your line / brand being retailed at? 

 Melanie: We have just stopped retailing my own collections as I have become Head of Design at M/G TASAKI, a brand I have co-founded with Japanese Jewelry House TASAKI, and we did not want the two brands to be in competition in stores. TASAKI is a very established brand which has the means and structure to sell worldwide, so as Head of Design I deal with the creative side and development of M/G TASAKI and I can focus on experimental one off and small productions for my own brand which we then sell directly to private clients. For me that is the perfect combination. 

 Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

  Melanie: Innovation in technology, new materials, design that helps and improves quality of life for humans.   

What goals and or dreams do wish to achieve for your brand?

 Melanie: I would like to become the go to brand that people go to for exciting, always evolving, contemporary pearl jewelry.

What is your all-time favorite piece that you created and why?

 Melanie: That's a difficult one... but the one I will always cherish is the first sliced pearl necklace I made back in 2006 which has since opened a world of opportunities and has made it possible for me to have the diverse and exciting path I have had until now. 

If you could new designers trying to build their brand, what would it be and why? 

 Melanie: First find your voice, your point of view and stick to it. That is the most precious asset of any brand. 


 Make sure to check out Melanie’s website to browse all of her beautiful and unique pieces.