Keaton Simons & 123 Go!

The editorial centers around his two new singles “123 Go” and “What About Us” to support the fight against human trafficking.

Keaton recently performed these songs at a charity event my boyfriend and I hosted to help raise awareness and funds for the survivors of human trafficking. “Fashion Fights for HER” A event that combines music, art, and fashion into one where the artistic communities came together to express human rights. We had some guest celebrities at the event including his family actor Erik Roberts, actress Eliza Simons, and Robin Arcuri and more (see images attached). Keaton focused on how music and fame is a platform that should be used to make the world a better place and give back. I’ve attached the press releases for you so you have more information about the event and Keaton’s role in it.

 The editorial was a shoot designed to help compliment the charity flyer to help promote this cause. The motion blur represents the victims who go unseen and the clear texture images represent how Keaton uses his status to help people see what’s happening since celebrities attract more attention. 

Photographer: Sienna Eve Benton, Stylist: Bailey Bolke 

Garments: Shirt & Jackets: Barabas Men,, Hoodie: Oliventa, 

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