Latanya Alberto Releases Her Second Single ‘Verbal Retreat’.

Latanya Alberto


Final cover verbal retreat big file.png

Latanya has recently released her second single ‘Verbal Retreat’ along with a video, as part of the ‘Ruminate’ EP which launches very soon. Furthermore there will be a lot more musical and visual surprises coming later this year.

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Latanya Alberto, is a writing and performing artist from Amsterdam. Her music is grounded in R&B but is layered with several new and experimental  sounds. Her lyrics come straight from poetry she writes, and always serve a deeper meaning than the ear might hear for the first time. 

Latanya gets her inspiration from iconic women like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill and Solange. Besides musical inspirations, getting inspired from viewing everything she finds intriguing though a frame of ‘art’. The communication and representation of her music through visuals are therefore highly important for the full experience she tries to communicate. 

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