Growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina the multi-talented R&B/neo-soul singer-songwriter painfully shy and says she rarely spoke to anyone

Writing her first song “Till It’s Over” at the age of 19, Mar1asol, now just 21, is emerging with her own six-track mixtape Luvsteps, a sensual and seductive collection deeply influenced by the R&B, hip-hop and neo-soul artists she grew up listening to, including Kehlani, SZA, H.E.R., Mila J, and Toni Braxton. While she wrote all the melodies and lyrics, the beats and production were created by her husband and musical collaborator Lucas Finocchi (aka Low.97)

Maria dubs herself “Mar1aSol” after the artist name used by her mother, a professional singer specializing in romantic pop music.


“If you didn’t know that Mar1asol was from Argentina, had only written her first song two years ago and that English was not her first language, you would listen to the dreamy, easy grooving R&B/neo-soul flow of Luvsteps and think you were checking out the latest work from a veteran American soul artist with years of recordings and life experience behind her. It’s sensual music created by two passionate, ultra-talented artists who are clearly in love. They’re the foundation for some of the tastiest R&B, hip-hop and neo-soul vibes I’ve heard in a long time. I think most listeners will embrace her arrival on the contemporary soul scene with open arms.” – Jonathan Widran


Parasite Magazine