Lily Of The Valley

Music Artist & banD

Experimental Folk & Post-Rock

Lily of The Valley had their newest single “Restless Soul” released on March, 9th 2019 officially. Their new single expected to portrayed the band’s musicality for 4 years aproximately and to be an entity that could bring out their endless music exploration to the surface.

This Denpasar-based band had their early single “I Saw You” released on 2016 before, and then set their first tour at Jakarta and Bandung armed with their demo that contain 3 tracks. The demo also include “I Saw You” and 2 others track (“Fire” and “Wild”) with help of Ian J. Stevenson as the sound engineer. At the same year, Lily of The Valley won a music competition “Almost Famous” and got their chance to play at one of the biggest music festival in Indonesia, Soundrenaline Festival 2016. The hard times started to come around on the next year and made the band members to have a difficult decision between their study and work that they’ve been doing along from the band project first started. And Finally, on early 2019 the band wanted to prove they’re existence through their second single-Restless Soul.

Restless Soul was written based on the idea of an occurance that experienced by all the band members on their neighbourhood. A series of perspective, sadness, lost and emphaty when they knew their friend drastically change into a strange and heavily depressed person. For a sudden the band members felt they barely recognized their friend for his behavior changing. This alienation is experienced by a depressive figure with a tired soul. Shackled in the mystery of his own fears or also a mental disorder.

Built upon that experience, this single was the darkest and the most gloomy song that the band ever wrote compared all their previous tracks. A form of concern and anger from the things that they couldn’t touch, yet they can sense and understand it very well. Restless Soul had a quite different dynamics from their previous song. It was a long repetitive song that has no chorus, yet it didn’t lose the power of the story that poured into this songRestless Soul recorded at Antida Music Studio, which the same studio that they used when they recorded their first single “I Saw You”. Mixing and mastering process was done at Kubuku Studio, with Tude Arta Sedana as an engineer. The figure that frequently had support the band’s live perfomance.

The addition of a band member has made a significant differences. Now, Lily of The Valley are consist of Baihaki Sifa (lead singer, guitar), Komang Tri Lugiantara (bass), Ijlal Faiz B.P. (lead guitar), Roy Khun Thawin (drum), and Muhammad Andra (synth/keyboard). The Appearance of Andra had enriched the color of the band’s music with the addition of a new instrument and as a background singer on the Restless Soul.

Single distribution is done through several media, radio, and digital channels such as Spotify, iTunes, Joox, and so on.

Slow but steady. Restless Soul won’t be a single storyteller anymore. Perharps, this single will be a bridge that connect to their next album. Various creative event had been planned as well. Hopefully, Restless Soul would be a great step on this early year. We may believe that nothing else is happier than an appreciation by the public listener.