Gemaine Edwards AKA "Gemaine"



Gemaine Lastest EP album “SHIFT” has some strong Essence behind this album with pure talent and while expression his emotons on another level and can be right along side artist such as Trey Songz. This SHIFT Album has some great tracks such as Tonight, Lil Miss and Wait On Me!. This EP is just the beginning of what Gemaine can do. We look forward to seeing more of what this young artst can do.

Gemaine broke onto the scene in 2014 with his first single, “Freaky”, racking up over 4 million streams. Gemaine continued to grow exponentially in the R&B realm following the success of the track, releasing his very first EP titled ‘Curious’.

Gemaine. shows growth from the first project, to his most recent project “Shift” with lead single “lil miss” getting plays on radio stations and being playlist on different streaming companies. Gemaine still remains true to the artist that he has strived to manifest.  With new music coming this year, thing are only going up from here. 

Parasite Magazine