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Full-time/Part-Time, Unpaid


Parasite Mag is currently looking for students who are interested in an online internship.

Work from school or home. We are an online & print magazine that seeks talented interns who crave to learn new skills and aren't afraid to tackle big projects. such as fashion week and/or interviews

We’re providing students who love journalism with an opportunity to enhance their learning experience in their field(s) of interest.

As an intern you will get to work remotely and closely with the editor-in-chief on a variety of projects that will reach our audience.

Where lookin for someone who wants to have a finger on the pulse on what's going on in world of fashion news and entertainment; someone who is obsessed with social media and is creative and thoughtful about blogging and writing for our company to our social and print media platforms.


•Interviewing people in a wide range of circumstances
•Writing copy for publication on a tight deadline
•Building contacts and sources for use in future stories
•Fact-checking the information given to you by a source is a must
•Creating blog publications
•Finding news and report on it in article as quickly as possible.
•Attending press conferences, and other scheduled public events (Employees Only)
•Interviewing the people involved in news stories
•Writing news stories from notes taken, often to tight deadlines
•Work with colleagues
•Writing feature articles our magazine
•Photojournalism opportunities
•Assisting in the processing and editing of press releases


•Excellent writers 
•Good at relating to all kinds of people 
•Cool under pressure 
•Good at absorbing information quickly 
•Interested in current affairs 
•Able to work within a tight deadline 
•Curious about the world around you 
•General understanding of current events 
•Ability to delve deeper 
•Good communication skills, both written and oral 
•Strong editing and proofreading skills 
•Eye for detail 
•Excellent written English skills 
•Must be able to work well alone or in a team 
•Ability to multitask 
•Be able to ask difficult questions, often in an emotionally charged situation 
•Follow current events, always looking for a story opportunity 
•Be able to develop a source 
•Pitch story ideas to editors and producers 
•Attend news conferences (Employees Only) via phone
•Stay up to date with privacy, contempt and defamation laws 

If this sounds interesting we want to hear from you. 

This is a non-paid internship that can quickly become a paid internship; however initially, college credit is available as an option for those interested. 

To apply please submit your resume and/or info in form below. 

Contact Us with any questions you may have